5 Reasons You'll Want to Stand Behind This Vegan Brand

Aroon Duncanson

Posted on August 08 2018

If you haven't noticed, vegan food, fashion and lifestyle is booming! With more people becoming aware of the animal industry and mistreatment of animals, a lot have been transitioning to cruelty-free and vegan products where they can. Long established brands such as Versace and Gucci have started removing real fur from their clothes and so many new and exciting brands are coming out with even more options. 

Livin' the MAD Life is a vegan purse line owned by a mother and daughter team, based in Miami Florida. They both try to do their part in eliminating animal products when they can and they wanted to fill a gap in the market for high quality faux leather bags and purses. They wanted to give up animals products, but not have to sacrifice quality with it. 


1. It's owned by a mother/daughter duo.

2. More than 1 BILLION animals are killed annually for the leather industry.


3. There's not a way to tell where leather comes from, and in China (where the majority of leather is exported from) they also use dogs, cats and sheep for their leather. Therefore, your shiny new shoes could be from an animal other than a cow. (Peta, https://www.peta.org/features/leather-industry/)

4. Livin' the MAD Life offers quality bags and purses and no expense of animals, and wants to help spread the cruelty free movement. 

5. Portion of proceeds are donated to a Florida non profit helping illegally trafficked and abused primates. 

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