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Aroon Duncanson

Posted on May 15 2018

We are excited to announce Livin' the MAD Life will be donating a portion of proceeds to various charities that align with our mission. The current charities we choose to support are The Talkin' Monkeys Project and No More Tears USA.

Both of these charities are ones that Megan and Aroon Duncanson personally know, trust and love. Sometimes we feel like our donations are not always going right where we intend them to go, which can cause us to question our donations or question the charity. Each charity that Livin' the MAD Life chooses, are ones that are 100% trustworthy and you can know your donation is going exactly where it needs to go.
Our list of charities will expand as our founders become more familiar with various charities. With each purchase a percentage of that sale proceeds will then be donated to either of our listed charities. 

The Talkin' Monkeys Project - Link to Donate

Is a Florida based primate sanctuary. Co-founder, Aroon Duncanson, volunteered with Deborah, the founder and care taker, for two years and fell in love with the project. 

These primates come from abusive homes, illegal animal trafficking and the likes. Deborah, with only the help of her husband and worker Bob, care for gibbons, spider monkeys, marmosets and capuchins. "I always swore to myself I would help support this charity for pretty much the rest of my life and I am so happy that Livin' the MAD Life has given me the opportunity to do just that, said Co-Founder Aroon Duncanson, I've never seen such a caring and compassionate care taker who literally puts her whole life on hold for these amazing primates."

No More Tears - Link to Donate

A Miami based charity that deals with domestic abuse and human trafficking. Aroon and Megan Duncanson were able to meet with Somy Ali, the founder of No More Tears, and fell in love with the organization. Megan, being a domestic abuse survivor herself knew she needed to help other women in her community somehow, and No More Tears was the perfect Fit. 

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  • Deborah D Misotti: May 21, 2018

    Thank you for this honor! The Talkin’ Monkeys Project, Inc. Is grateful for your kindness. We are also grateful to Aroon Duncason’s volunteer hours at our sanctuary.

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