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aroon duncanson

Posted on December 03 2017

I'm sure you have gathered by now how important it is to us to empower and support other women in our society. Which is why we wanted to dedicate one day a week to showing some love to our current favorite female, whether she is an inspiration to us all or has taken part in some amazing things, we want to support and appreciate other amazing women in society and give them the recognition we all deserve. 

And this week goes out to our current favorite Instagram/Blogger, Selene Kinder, behind Empowering Women Now. Her posts are inspirational and motivational, focusing on helping women view themselves in a different, healthier way. Much like us, she wants to help women become the best version of themselves and break free of the stereotypes society has set for us. Here are a few of our favorite quotes from Kinder.

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  • Selene Kinder: March 16, 2018

    I’m so humbled to have come across this blog. Thank you so much for featuring me. I cannot believe I barely saw this post today.

    Rivers of blessings to you!

    Please stay in contact with me, I would love to help you with your mission in any way I can.

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