Enlightened to True Love

Enlightened to True Love

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Repurposed, soft handbag made from made from PU leather and lined with polyester. 

Includes black shoulder straps. 


"Enlightened to True Love" was inspired by three main symbols; the MAD true love symbol,  MAD enlightened symbol, and the heart. With the main focus of this piece being a feminine face, it symbolizes the enlightenment that comes with finding true love in yourself. 

 To keep with our sustainable practice, we only use vintage bags and purses, or re purposed bags for our original pieces. Therefore, minor wear should be expected on vintage pieces. Read more about our sustainable mission HERE.


Read and view our MAD symbols HERE.


Original art by Megan Aroon Duncanson. Painted with Angelus acrylic paints and sealed with Angelus matte acrylic finisher. 

Note | Although these bags are sealed with an acrylic finisher, customers should still treat bag with care. These are hand painted and can become damaged if not properly stored and cared for. 

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