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Livin' the MAD Life is owned by a mother, daughter duo based in Miami, Florida. They realized there is a gap in the market for high quality and unique purses, that are made from cruelty free and vegan materials, so they started their own brand that offered just that. The purses are like no other, they are uniquely designed by world artist, Megan Duncanson, with the intention to empower women. Coming from a domestic abuse relationship, Megan creates each artwork and each purse with passion, thought, and an intent to inspire and empower women.
A portion of proceeds are donated to a charity that aligns with our mission.

Founder | Megan Aroon Duncanson (aka M.A.D.)

Megan received her Masters Degree in Political Science, with an emphasis on gender theory, and wrote her masters thesis on women's rights, in 1999.

Duncanson has been in the art industry for the last 15 years and has sold hundreds of thousands of originals and art related products all around the world. Megan first began her art career selling originals and prints on Ebay, fast forward to 2009 when she received her first licensing contract, and now her art can be found in retail stores and collectors from all around the globe.  

Megan also has a love for everything fashion related. Ever since a toddler, she has been obsessed with any frilly and girly pieces she could get her hands on. Her childhood photo albums are filled of her and her siblings playing dress up, and to this day she can still be found gravitating towards all of the new trends.  

With the creation of Livin' the MAD Life, Megan was able to create a brand that embodies everything she stands for; female rights, art and fashion. 


Co Founder | Aroon Melane Duncanson

Aroon Duncanson is a 24 year old recent college graduate from the Nicholson School of Communication, at the University of Central Florida; where she acquired her bachelors in Advertising/PR.

Aroon's passion has always been with animals, as she spent her whole life caring for animals, whether it was the families goats and horses, or an abandoned baby squirrel. She dreamed of one day incorporating her love for animals into a career. 

Not only has her love for animals grown as the years passed, but Aroon began to venture into the fashion world and modeling, and once again began to grow a love for something new. When the opportunity for Aroon and Megan to create a new brand came up, they both knew their core values would also be brought into the brand.


Megan wanted to delve into the fashion world. So Livin' the MAD Life is dedicated to creating original, hand crafted art on bags and purses. Megan also wanted to incorporate her passion for women's rights, so she has hand painted her own set of symbols, that are brought to life with each bag. On the other hand, Aroon wanted to create a brand that was cruelty free, vegan and sustainable. Therefore, all of the purses and bags are made from either synthetic material, faux leather, or re purposed designer bags. And the original bags are all used and up cycled to keep with a sustainable practice.


To learn more about Megan Aroon Duncanson and her art business check out http://www.madartdesigns.com/ .


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